As entrepreneur, having started my business at the age of 23, I now sold my business this year, and have time for another challenge that meets my endeavor. Next to my busy company life, I always had great passion for sports: I owned a superbike team, was racer in Porsche Cup, GT3 Blancpain scene and Formule Renault Championship.

Teamwork, camaraderie and strong focus were always attractive values. I like to put these values also in my programs,
so in 2016 I solo crossed the Atlantic, in 2017 I started as a pilgrim from home alone with my bike to Santiago de Compostella, all very memorable moments. And now, in alignment with my goals I want to achieve, comes the ARC and World ARC program representing the same values.


Deo Juvante is launched new in April 2018 and build by Sunreef in Gdansk Poland. Sunreef can be seen as the top of Catamaran market with a personal approach and very complete concepts.

The Sunreef 60, catamaran is the seventh in the row of Deo Juvante’s, as I am proud owner of boats since 1994, with many Atlantic and Med trips on the Log.

In the building process and engineering I was supported by my own engineer and by Alessandro di Benedetto, a very professional sailer and friend who still has two world records on his name, such as solo non stop around the world on a 6,50m sailing boat. He helped me a lot on hull design and sail plan. 

So Deo Juvante is the result of my years of cruising experience, top of the market brand supported by a lot of professional knowledge. She is strong, fast and very comfortable underway and at anchor in a marvallous bay.



Refined lines, modern shape,
black and white all over,
she is an eye catcher
you like to spend
some marvallous time on.



Totally customized in black an white, she has a tree cabins lay-out and a very convivial saloon with kitchen, a large cockpit in the shade and a fly with relaxing luxury.



We carry a tender with 50 hp, good for high speed and water ski facilities; a Tawil sailing inflatable boat for those who like sensation, a freediver bottleless system that allows you to dive up to 10 meters solo, or 5 meters with two people


Thierry Verstraete

Master and captain

Age: 61
Nationality: Belgian
Languages: Dutch, French, English, German 

Achieved all the courses for getting the title of Master unlimited STCW 500 gt commercial yachting

Father of four children, whereby the two youngest Clément (10y) and Mazarine (8y) will join the rally for most of the time during this World Tour

Heinrych Pyper

Chief Mate / Officer

Age: 28 
Nationality: South-African
Languages: English, Zuid-Afrikaans

Licenced with STCW Officer unlimited ticket

Many years at sea In commercial yachting and commercial vessels

Partner of Majori Fourie

Majori Fourie

Deck Hand / Chef

Age: 26
Nationality: South-African
Languages: English, Zuid-Afrikaans

She has all the STCW licenses for Deck Hand functions

Very good cook and sunny in her behavior

Partner of Heinrych Pyper


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